Epower ng’s Cyber hygiene app is a self-help app designed for people who suffer from cyber bullying and other forms of harassment online.

Your Personalised Cyber Assistant

Our cyberhygiene app teaches prevention and control when it comes to cyberbullying. This means you not only learn how to overcome cyberbullying, you’ll also learn valuable skills that will help you respond appropriately in any cyberbullying situation you find yourself.

Build Self Confidence

The app aims to empower teens and young adults to stay safe oline, learn to value, appreciate, and respect themselves, and also teaches them what to do if and when they’re being bullied online.

Guided Exercises

Our CyberHygiene app suggests a prevention and coping mechanism against cyberbyllying, and guides you through self-help, and coping exercises.

A Gamified
Learning Experience

We know having to digest a lot of knowledge can be boring and tiring... So we’ve made it fun. How, you ask? We’ve compiled a list of engaging games you can try your hand on in the app. The best part is, you learn while you play. Isn’t that great?

Start Protecting You